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When you  share your story for dissemination in Migration Diaries, please make sure that you fill in the details of the fields given in the contribution form. Make sure that you read the About Page and see if your story is appropriate for this site. Also please take the time to read and sign the template for the consent form for sharing stories before submitting any material to us. No story can be accepted without a signed consent form.

You can also email us directly at [email protected] to know more about the process. 

Providing information on the following items will enhance your story so we suggest you tell us something about: the languages you speak, your family, where you have migrated from and where to, the kind of work you used to do versus the work you now do, reasons for migrating, etc.

We encourage you to also tag your stories with the categories provided for ‘stories’. You will find them here (Migrated; Reasons for Migration; Ecosystems; Stressors).

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    1. I have uploaded the signed Consent Form.
    2. I understand that the decisions on stories that are shared on this site are subject to moderation.